Network boom in sales of the novel “Notre Dame de Paris”

The demand for the book increased after a fire in the Cathedral

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The Notre Dame Cathedral in France on Monday evening a fire broke out. According to preliminary data, the fire broke out on the upper levels of the building and can be associated with running in it currently renovations. On the morning of Tuesday, April 16, a fire, according to media reports, has been eliminated. These days a novel by French writer Victor Hugo’s “Notre Dame de Paris” became a hit of sales on the network, according to TV channel BFM TV.

In particular, Amazon’s novel “Notre Dame de Paris” has entered in top-10 website by number of sales. A pocket edition of the book took third place among the leaders. Hugo devoted dozens of pages of description of Notre Dame. Also the author of the novel paid a lot of attention to historical events and tragedies that occurred on this historic place, including fire, similar to the one that happened yesterday.

It is also reported that the network has also increased the demand for tourist guides and literature, telling the story of Notre Dame de Paris. Every year the Cathedral is visited by about 14 million people.

It is worth noting that the French do not react the first time buying books on such tragic events. After the attack, in the bars of Paris, where he died more than a hundred people, people are more likely to read a novel by Ernest Hemingway “the Holiday, which always with you.” The book tells about the life of the writer in France 20 years.

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Watch the video that survived in the Cathedral after the fire:

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