Network laugh jealous lady, atlasusa a few blows husband

Сеть насмешила ревнивая дамочка, отвесившая несколько оплеух мужу

Colorful couple was caught on camera.

The network blasted video in which a man beat his wife because he tried to hit on a half-naked dancer, reports the with reference to

It happened in Italy in a nightclub. On the dance floor, invited a dancer, but suddenly to her left a spectator from the crowd. The man started moving to the beat, looking at the girl, and when she turned piquant place at the site suddenly appeared the wife of the hero-lover. The woman began to beat her husband and led him out of the frame.

Video shot by witnesses of the event, and posted it on the social network. For three days it got 353 thousands of views and hundreds of people have copied it on your page.

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