Network laugh the cat who is not happy with the “vocals” of the owner

Сеть насмешил кот, который не в восторге от «вокала» хозяина

The video is gaining popularity.

In the Network posted a video on how the cat bites the owner for bad song of the band Queen. Video of the protest tailed connoisseur of music posted on YouTube by the owner himself, reports the with reference to

As can be seen in the footage, a cat owner Greg Molik comfortably lay down on the bed and sang the song Under Pressure of the rock group Queen. Too bad, it should be noted sang, out of tune and bad voice. “The chant” the owner immediately ran to his pet cat named Harvey, and gaped at Greg.

It should be noted that the stupor the cat did not last long, less than 30 seconds, after which he decided to put an end to this outrage: the cat jumped on the bed and, in protest, began to bite the songster’s hand. This cat was biting beloved master not violently, to the blood, and instructive to reason with and force stop the music outrageous. In the video host laughs and sings, and the cat bites him again and again…

The animal calmed down only after Greg stopped singing…

Video “My cat hates my singing badly” scored for two days almost 80 thousand views. In the comments of YouTube users say that they are very amused cat-lover. “This video made my day! Can’t stop laughing” – write users.

One producer even offered to show cat-lover on TV, so that people can see that the music lovers can not only they…


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