“Never parted”: the reaction of the dog to the death of the owner shocked the network

Now the dog named CHUCHU will be looked after by the relatives of the deceased

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"Никогда не разлучались": реакция пса на смерть хозяина потрясла сеть

Faithful dog touched the people at the funeral

Harrowing footage managed to capture on video in the Philippine city of Tarlac. Loyal dog breed askal named CHUCHU brought to the grave of his deceased master to say goodbye. Pet almost never been apart from the owner, neighbors say the men.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the Filipino Carlito Sambrano (the dog owner) had a heart attack, after which he was urgently taken to the hospital. The man insisted that CHUCHU went with him. A few days later, Carlito died. The family tried to take askala home, but the animal refused to leave his beloved master.

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“We took the dog to the house, where stood the coffin with Sambrano. When the dog saw the owner, we are all touched. It was obvious that CHUCHU’s sad,” – says a local resident Jesse Rodriguez, adding that the search Sembrano CHUCHU ran in familiar places that they visited together. The pet is then returned to the door of the hospital and hated man.

Now the dog is watching the relatives of the deceased.

We will remind, earlier in great Britain host Christmas threw up on the street my dog with his bed. The video was posted on the YouTube channel of The Sun. The video sparked outrage from animal welfare activists, calling the sight “heartbreaking”.

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