New Amsterdam season 1 : Helen and Max as a couple ? The actors respond (Interview)

New Amsterdam, season 1 : Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman in an interview on PRBK

The season 1 New Amsterdam continues this Wednesday, December 11, on TF1 but will she be a reconciliation in love between Helen and Max ? PRBK posed the question to Freema Agyeman and Ryan Eggold at the time of our interview, “true or false” performed at the Festival of television of Monte Carlo last June. Check out their notice.

Freshly arrived at the hospital, Max Goodwin has more than one problem to face in New Amsterdam. In addition to wanting to improve the quality of care, the physician must also cope with the illness and seems to slowly but surely get closer to his oncologist, Helen Sharp. So, will there be a love story between them ?

“It’s complicated”

Not necessarily ! Present at the tv Festival of Monte Carlo last June, Ryan Eggold (Max) and Freema Agyeman (Helen) spoke about a possible combination of their characters at the microphone of PRBK. “I don’t know, it’s complicated !” first explained the ex-star of The Blacklist before adding : “I think that they share something unique in their relationship. There is friendship and mutual respect because they have that patient/doctor relationship one to the other, there is a vulnerability in Max that it does not share with many other characters apart from his wife.” The actors are still fun, explaining that they want to share a kiss in front of the cameras. Case to follow…

In our interview, true or false, the two stars of New Amsterdam also evoke the true doctor who inspired the series, the filming and reveal if they would have been able to be doctors in the life. Check out their responses in the video in our slideshow.

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