New Amsterdam season 4: two characters leaving?

The trailer for episode 11 of season 4 of New Amsterdam: Max and Helen leave New York but not the series! While TF1 broadcasts three new episodes of season 3 of New Amsterdam every Wednesday, the medical series with Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman is also broadcast in the United States on NBC with the unreleased tracks of season 4. And precisely, the last episode of the year broadcast a few days ago reserved a surprise with a possible departure for two characters. So, info or poison? Here is the answer. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

Will departures be linked in New Amsterdam ? In episode 7 of season 3, broadcast this Wednesday, December 1 on M6, Iggy (Tyler Labine) will learn Vijay's decision to leave the hospital … without the character making his return. Yes, Anupam Kher who played the neurologist has decided to leave the series to take care of his wife, who is suffering from an illness. But season 4 which debuted in September in the US left American viewers in doubt. We'll explain.

Max and Helen leave New Amsterdam … but not the series!

In the episode 10 of season 4 of New Amsterdam , broadcast on November 23 on NBC, Max (Ryan Eggold) and Helen (Freema Agyeman) were heading to the airport to leave New York for good. No, this is not a joke! In a relationship since the start of season 4, the two lovers have decided to change air and Max has resigned his post as director of the New Amsterdam hospital. We reassure you: if they leave the city, Max and Helen will not however leave the series.

He is the creator of New Amsterdam , David Schulner, who assures it. Although the couple no longer live in the US, they will still be right in the middle of the action in the rest of season 4. “ We have been talking about the American health care system for four years and Max is for a system similar to that of the NHS in the United Kingdom (…) We are going to talk about what is good and what remains to be known in this system . ” he told TV Insider. In the sequel, Helen will be the new director of a clinic while Max will be unemployed. “ When we find him in London, he does not yet have a doctor's license so how will he help others without a license? Everyone will have challenges in London but also in New York “he adds.

Season 3 of New Amsterdam continues every Wednesday on TF1.

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