New Amsterdam : we need to look at the new series of medical-TF1 ?

New Amsterdam : faut-il regarder la nouvelle série médicale de TF1 ?

New Amsterdam : should you watch the series medical that starts on TF1 ?

A series of medical replaces another on TF1. After having interrupted the broadcast of season 3 of Good Doctor, the chain is launching this Wednesday, November 27 from 21h05 a new series : New Amsterdam, brought by Ryan Eggold. PRBK has seen season 1. Then, one mate or it zaps ? Here is our opinion.

We can not say that the world of television, lack of medical dramas ! If Grey’s Anatomy proved a massive hit for the past 16 years, other series of this kind also interest the viewers. This is the case for example of a Good Doctor where Freddie Highmore plays a young surgeon who has autism. But another doctor might well crack on French television.

The essential

Created by : David Schulner.
With : Ryan Eggold, Freema Agyeman, Janet Montgomey, Jocko Sims, Tyler Labine and Anupam Kher.
Format : 40 minutes
Diffusion US : season 2 is airing.
Diffusion EN : every Wednesday at 21h05 on TF1.

The pitch

Freshly arrived at the head of the New Amsterdam Medical Center in New York, Dr. Max Goodwin faces a challenge : how to improve the quality of care for thousands of patients who walk through the doors of his hospital ? With the assistance of his team, he will have to break up the codes in the hope of rebuilding a system that is broken. But Max must also cope with the trials complicated in his personal life.

The trailer of New Amsterdam

A series of deeply human and realistic

If you expect to be on the soap, and stories of love, everything goes like in Grey’s Anatomy, go your way ! New Amsterdam evokes, obviously, the private lives of its doctors, but it does not give a smooth version and glamour of a health care facility that we can see in some of its competitors. On the contrary, with all the same a lot of mankind, to New Amsterdam, gives a fairly raw – and sometimes alarming – the u.s. healthcare system and its vulnerabilities. The series is deeply human and therefore endearing. The twist around the character of Max (we will not reveal here to avoid spoiler) brings a touch of additional weak.

Side medical cases precisely, one has the pleasant surprise not to spend our time in the operating room, as is often the case in the other medical dramas at the time. Instead, New Amsterdam digs the relationship between patients and doctors. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy which has been used and abused in medical cases improbable, it is not in the frills and prefer to focus on less tape-to-eye. One thing that adds a sense of realism to the series. Bonus : she even takes an interest in psychiatry with the character of Iggy Frome, a psychiatrist and chief of the psychiatric unit of the hospital.

In short : Even if it m not reinventing the genre, New Amsterdam manages to stand out in the landscape of the series current medical. Strong of its characters are sincere and endearing characters, it explores a health system with defective medical cases, touching and realistic. A very nice discovery.

New Amsterdam : faut-il regarder la nouvelle série médicale de TF1 ?

New Amsterdam : our opinion on the series

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