New Amsterdam : which is the true doctor who inspired the character of Max Goodwin ?

New Amsterdam : qui est le vrai médecin qui a inspiré le personnage de Max Goodwin ?

New Amsterdam : Max Goodwin really exists

Launched last week on TF1, the series medical New Amsterdam with Ryan Eggold returns for new episodes. But did you know that his character, Dr. Max Goodwin, is inspired by a true doctor ? PRBK you the presents.

If Meredith Grey or Shaun Murphy do not exist in the life, Max Goodwin is inspired by a true doctor. In New Amsterdam, the character played by Ryan Eggold arrives at the hospital in order to reorganize the services and improve the quality of care. A mission that was also given the true Max Goodwin, Eric Manheimer.

Eric Manheimer, the true physician, who has inspired New Amsterdam

It was in 1997 that Eric Manheimer became the medical director of Bellevue hospital in New York. Always a doctor at the present time, it was realized that many changes would be necessary in order to improve the patient experience at their facility. In 2012, he published the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital , which has inspired New Amsterdam , and in which he described the journey of 12 patients in his hospital.

New Amsterdam : qui est le vrai médecin qui a inspiré le personnage de Max Goodwin ?

New Amsterdam : Ryan Eggold poses with Eric Manheimer, the true Max Goodwin

Writers of New Amsterdam did not only inspired his book, but also much of his life : as Max Goodwin, Eric Manheimer has also been the victim of a cancer. “I have been through a rigorous treatment and difficult with many complications and this has changed me a lot“, he explains to the website Med Page Today. The doctor also self-diagnosed with melanoma, a year after his remission.

He is very involved in the series

In addition to being the main source of inspiration of New Amsterdam, Eric Manheimer is also much involved in the series. “I recorded my experiences as a doctor, chief and director for the team story” he explained. It entrust also make many trips between New York and Los Angeles in order to advise the team of the series.

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