New appearance of Queen Elizabeth II in a face-to-face audience

New appearance of Queen Elizabeth II in a face-to-face audience- & agrave; -face

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Queen Elizabeth II, whose appearances have been rare since her brief hospitalization in October, granted another in-person audience on Wednesday, receiving organist Thomas Trotter. & nbsp;

Appearing smiling in the photos of the meeting, the 95-year-old sovereign presented the musician with the Queen's Medal for Music at Windsor Castle.

The Queen has made the castle, which is some fifty kilometers west of London, her main place of residence since the first containment due to the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

The state of health of the sovereign, who has reigned for almost 70 years, has been worrying since she was put to rest by her doctors on October 20 and spent a night in the hospital for check-ups “Preliminary”, the nature of which has never been specified.

She has since cut back considerably. -sons at All Saints Chapel, in the Royal Estate of Windsor.

A few days earlier, she had given her first face-to-face interview made public in a month, in receiving British Chief of Staff Nick Carter at Windsor Castle.

The Queen was originally scheduled to make her public return on November 14, watching from a balcony a ceremony honoring the victims of war, but her participation was canceled at the last minute, the palace explaining that she suffered from a pain in her back.

Elizabeth II also gave up at the end of October her trip to Glasgow (Scotland) for the Conference of Nations United on the Climate (COP26) where Princes Charles, heir to the throne, and William, his eldest son, represented the the royal family.

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