New blow for the owners of bars

Nouveau coup dur pour les proprios de bars

Many bar owners feel that the new recommendation of the Montreal public Health risk to be fatal for some institutions, even if they encourage their customers and employees to go and get tested.

“There are people who go around, go walking in parks, swimming, going to the grocery store, and yet we are not asked to go and get tested. So why still only the bars ? “, inquired Andy Aboushaybeh, owner of the restaurant-bar Terrasses Bonsecours in Montreal.

Saturday, the regional Directorate of public health (DRSP) of Montréal was recommended to customers, to employees and tenants to go and get tested if they had been to a bar since the 1st of July.

Five institutions affected

At least five bars in montreal, located in different boroughs, were frequented by persons infected by the COVID-19 since their opening.

Eight cases have been detected in the last days among the workers and the customers. Public health believes that this is only the tip of the iceberg because of the many contacts generated by each of them.

Even if it is to encourage its employees to go get tested, Mr. Aboushaybeh believes that the announcement of the DRSP is excessive. Especially because it will be impossible for the workers to be tested every day, ” he says.

Nail in the coffin

For his part, Peter Sergakis, president of the Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec, believes that ” this is another nail on the coffin of the owners of bars “.

“We can’t go against the public health, but it is sure that it’s going to scare the world, because people will even more think about the people who walk,” he said.

According to Andy Aboushaybeh, the customer is also less waiting for you.

“Since the announcement of the closing of bars at midnight was made, there was a dramatic decrease, then it is certain that it will get worse “, he adds.

To Francis Picard-Dufresne, spokesman for the DRSP of Montreal, ” the preliminary data clearly indicate that the people have responded to the call, and especially young adults “.

Nothing that clinical screening CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal, between 200 and 300 more people are presented on Sunday.

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