New book by Lily Gaudreault: she has everything… except love

New book by Lily Gaudreault: she has everything... except love


After L'appel du loard, the first novel published in 2020, the talented Lily Gaudreault returns this fall with< /strong>L'amour en cage, a book where emotion is on edge and where the heroine is in search of total and absolute love. The journey of the beautiful Clémence DesGagnés, an ambivalent woman who is looking for herself, will be strewn with pitfalls and contradictions and punctuated with existential questions. With good reason, since this criminalist will come across a man with a heavy past.

Apparently, Clémence has everything to be happy. Beautiful, intelligent, she has a rewarding career, a magnificent living environment, a lover, an abundant artistic production. But love, the real one, the great one, has eluded her so far. 

She has the intuition that love is at the next turning point and awaits its arrival. But there is a catch: the personality of the chosen one of his heart will generate many conflicts and deeply shake up the principles of Clemence. Will she be able to free herself from her past, to open up unconditionally, to make this extraordinary relationship flourish?

Should we force fate?

Lily Gaudreault, in an interview, reveals that she wanted to talk about the love quest of women, young and old. 

< p>“It interests me and intrigues me at the same time. Me, I have been in a relationship for a long time with the same man and I see both pain and sufficiency around me.

“I see single women, women looking, failures, things like that. And that got me wondering. Love is important, but you shouldn't be dependent on that either.”

The writer believes that you can very well have a full life without a lover.  

“But when it drives us, when it's what we want, how do we manage it? Maybe we have to approach it differently, force fate a little, take our power over it, even if it's a totally emotional question.”

Hence the love at first sight that 'we don't control,' she adds. 

“How do we deal with it, how do we leave room for love?” Especially when the people concerned are not in their prime… and they drag their past like a ball and chain.

Lily Gaudreault notes that Clémence, her character, who is a criminal lawyer by profession, gives a lot to his family and his clients. She devotes herself enormously to those who are badly taken and in demand. She also gives a lot to her current lover, who has post-traumatic shock. 

And when love at first sight strikes and the long-awaited love presents itself, she must make important decisions.

Because there is a problem: the man so longed for is not “a handsome prospect”, as his partner points out. Not in its values, not in its tradition. 

“She comes across someone older, who has committed a crime. It upsets all his values. But deep down, that's what she wanted!” 

It's up to her to make her decisions. 

“The more complicated her love for this man will be , the more she will question herself.”

  • Lily Gaudreault is from Saguenay and has been living in Estrie for about ten years.
  • She is passionate about literature, creation and culture.
  • She has collaborated in the development of successful television projects with Michel D'Astous, including Tabou and Our Summers.
  • She published her first novel, L'Appel du loard, in 2020.

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