New buildings will be audited energy efficiency

Новостройки будут проходить аудит энергоэффективности

Structures, buildings and buildings of state ownership, which are subsidized by the budget needs to obtain energy performance certificate. This was told during the press-conference “About energy efficiency of buildings” specialist Office support and implement reforms of the Ministry of regional development Valentina Gooch.

“The energy performance certificate is a document that describes the condition of the building: energy efficiency, evaluation and condition of the walls and engineering systems, where the lost energy in the house and why we pay so much for heating. Also, the certificate shows the actions to reduce payments for communal services”, — explained the meaning of the document Valentine Gulch.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Gennady Zubko noted that the system efficiency of residential buildings needs to be corrected, including the houses that were built in the mid-1960s.

To check the amount of energy loss will be the special auditors. While the license for inspection received five. Thus, to evaluate the heat loss will have to pay 10 000. When compared with the EU, there’s a similar test is only 100 euros.

In the Ukraine are already in state and international programmes of financial and technical support: “Warm loans”, Energy IQ, ESKO-mechanisms and energy audit reports

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