New chances of integration for young migrants from the School without Borders in Alès

New chances of integration for young migrants from the School without Borders in Alès

Des jeunes mineurs issus de différents pays en quête d’une vie meilleure. Midi Libre – Th. M.

To integrate them into our way of social life, the School without Borders in Alès is increasing, with National Education, actions with young migrants taken in in the Cévennes city.

As part of a mission of general interest, the School without Borders Alès en Cévennes, whose premises are located in the suburb of Rochebelle, has implemented, for several days, a series of actions intended to promote the integration of young unaccompanied migrants. The president of the School, Sophie de Chastelier, specifies its content: "This operation is aimed at 21 unaccompanied minors who are educated by volunteers of the association. For fifteen days, they are taught by other young people who are on a mission of general interest, on a school internship or from the Universal National Service internship." For this mission, ten young people are completing this time where they will teach them the basics of the French language with lessons on the fundamentals of vocabulary and grammar, but also a series of lessons. activities to learn our language differently.

Among these multiple activities, Sophie de Chastelier details: "Monday, these young people were at the Théâtre du Cratère with a dance company to exchange with the artists . This Thursday, they will have a conference on bees with a course on vocabulary related to these insects. This Friday, they will be at the Alès judicial court to see how the hearings are going. And, the following week, there will be a session with Radio Grille Ouverte, then an outing to the Aven d’Orgnac and the Cité de la préhistoire." As so educational time designed to promote their integration into our Western culture.

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