New charges against Dr. Vincent Nadon

56-year-old Dr. Vincent Nadon faces 43 new charges of sexual assault and 40 new voyeurism charges in connection with 40 other newly identified female victims, police department reported of Ottawa on Friday.

The Chelsea man, who until last winter was practicing medicine at the University of Ottawa’s Health Services Clinic on Rideau Street, is scheduled to appear at the Ottawa courthouse during the day.

Investigators from the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit are still concerned that there are more victims in this case. Offenses may have occurred in the late 1980s until the beginning of 2018.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to call the Ottawa Police Sexual Assault / Child Abuse Section hotline at 613-236-1222 (extension 5760).

Ex-patients will be contacted

The University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS) management reacted Friday morning, saying “staff and professionals are very disturbed to hear of new charges against Dr. Vincent Nadon. Our biggest concern continues to be the victims. ”

The organization reiterates that it is aware of the concerns of patients and the public about the allegations against the physician and the protection of personal health information. She added that she will be communicating directly with Dr. Nadon’s past patients to inform them of further developments regarding their ongoing care.

“Our organization continues to comply fully and voluntarily with all court orders and we cooperate fully with the police investigation. However, we are not in the presence of evidence or in a position to comment further on the ongoing investigation, “adds the SSU, inviting other potential victims to contact the authorities.

Recall that after having indicated in April that Dr. Nadon’s ex-patients would be looked after, on a temporary basis, by a unilingual anglophone general practitioner, the SSUO announced Tuesday that it was Dr. Karine Pilon-Larose, a graduate of the University of Ottawa, which will take over from Dr. Nadon’s ex-patients as of June 4. The general practitioner speaks French, English and Spanish.

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