New collection by Daniel Bélanger: “Poetry is total freedom!”

New collection by Daniel Bélanger: “Poetry is the total freedom! » /></p>
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<p><strong>“It's a fun trip, you see new landscapes,” says Daniel Bélanger about his foray into the world of poetry. The singer has just launched </strong><strong><em>Heavy weight</em></strong><strong>, a collection published by Les Herbes rouges. A surprising and touching work that uses metaphor – that of the pig being led to the slaughterhouse – to address the paradoxes of existence.</strong></p>
<p>Daniel Bélanger writes a lot in Montreal cafes. In a small notebook he carried with him, shortly before the pandemic, he wrote verses while strolling and being available to the words that came to him. An exercise that was done in a completely natural way for the one who has always had trouble being called a poet by the people who spoke of his songs. </p>
<p>“In songs, I'm a lyricist, that's all,” says the 60-year-old singer. But in poetry, I find another freedom. I simply wanted to write, without having the project to make a collection. In the end, I ended up with several poems, happy, delighted.” </p>
<p>With Roxanne Desjardins, editor at Herbes Rouges in whom the artist explains that he has complete confidence, Daniel Bélanger began the work of editing, reflection and correction. A difficult job that he finally loved and realized with pleasure.</p>
<p>“And there, I gave myself reason to find that poetry was something different from song, he continues. You really have to find the right word for everything and every emotion in poetry, whereas for me, when I write lyrics, I also write what is between the lines. I learned to tighten up, repeat the same words less and use the right word on emotion, which really isn't that easy.”</p>
<p><strong>Pork metaphor< /strong></p>
<p>Poetry allows Daniel Bélanger to “talk about other things”, subjects that would be difficult to address in songs, even more so on a full album. Exactly like this concept of the pig which takes the road to the slaughterhouse and which we even find on the cover of the collection.</p>
<p>“This idea of ​​the pig and the truck brought a vocabulary and an approach in what I wanted to say”, explains the one who likes urban poetry and a little <em>trash</em>à la Josée Hivon. “Every time I am in the presence of a truck with pigs, it hurts me. I wanted to play with the resemblance we have with him: the heart, the intelligence. It's confronting then, to eat that animal after seeing it that way.” </p>
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Very intuitive, the multidisciplinary artist claims to use doubt as a tool with which he scans and reflects on what he has just created, and not as a destructive object. “It's a little more creative doubt, a working tool and a filter now, more than an object of insecurity”, confides the one who wishes to continue writing poetry. Because this discipline, he sees it as a complement in his expression. 

Red Herbs 

If he approached Les Herbes rouges with his blackened notebooks, it is because the independent publishing house represents, for the child that he was, the 1970s, poetry in motion like a kind of tail of the Quiet Revolution and the marginal poets who wrote while being free. A movement that marked the young Daniel who watched with interest his teenage brothers and sisters live their 1970s. 

“When I saw, for the first time, the pagination in PDF format, it really touched me to be admitted to this house”, says the one who was greatly marked by the poet Blaise Cendrars for his writings, but also for his way of being. 

Like the poet-traveler known for never returning twice to the same place, Daniel Bélanger makes it his duty to live a life of creativity made up of projects the often taking you to new places.  

“It's curiosity that leads us to do a lot of things, it's not necessarily the ambition to do something else,” he adds. My idols were often generalists. I grew up with Boris Vian and he is the best example of a generalist. He's a genius at knowing everything. My culture is that, that of curious people who go everywhere, who try themselves, who hit each other's nose or who succeed. You have to be eager to learn, because that's the sparkle of life.”

  • Daniel Bélanger has just released the first single from his 12th album, < em>Mercury in May, to be published next October. The play, which is titled I hear everything playing (in your head), has received a fabulous reception. It also represents the singer's debut on the TikTok platform, where an excerpt from the song shared for the first time garnered 30,000 listens in just 48 hours.  
  • Mercure en mai will be Daniel Bélanger's first album of original songs since Paloma in 2016. The artist also released the instrumental album, Travelling, in 2020 . 
  • Daniel Bélanger also signs the music for the film Confessions currently in theaters. This is the second collaboration between Luc Picard and Daniel Bélanger in the cinema, the first dating back to 2005 for the soundtrack of the film L'audition.

The collection of poetry Heavy weight by Daniel Bélanger is published by Les Herbes rouges. It's in the bookstore.