New event: calls for amending the reform of the PEQ

Nouvelle manifestation: des appels pour amender la réforme de la PEQ

MONTREAL | The controversial reform Program of the quebec experience (PEQ) is expected to officially enter into force in the next few days, but anger was still among the foreign students.

Saturday, they were a little more than a hundred to demonstrate in Montreal. A number of elected members of the liberal Party and Québec solidaire, were also present.

They have directly challenged the new minister of Immigration, Nadine Girault, to amend the reform made by his predecessor, Simon Jolin-Barrette.

“In the last week, it would be understood that it is changes or even a decline, but not a word!” denounced Gaétan Barrette, the new liberal critic for Immigration.

At a minimum, the opposition requested the inclusion of a clause vested right for the foreign students already in Quebec.

Under the old rules, they thought automatically obtain the Certificate of selection of Quebec (CSQ) at the end of their studies. However, before you make the request, they will now have to work full time in their field within one or two years, depending on their level of study.

It is, therefore, to say that for the most part, the canadian permanent resident does not become available at the end of five years.

“The work permit does not allow them to get to the residence, has added Gaétan Barrette. The work permit is going to expire before the end of the procedure. It puts them in a losing situation by leaving.”

In the Face of these new rules, many international students are considering to leave Quebec for other provinces, where the wait for permanent residence is less long.

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