New film by Ruben Östlund: “Without filter”, an enjoyable satire

New film by Ruben Östlund: «Without filter», an enjoyable satire


Cult of appearance, obscenity of wealth, social inequalities… With Without filter, his new satirical comedy, Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund paints an enjoyable and devastating portrait of our modern society. em>an astonishing – and sometimes destabilizing – mix of disaster film, scathing satire and frank comedy. We follow the characters of Yaya (the late Charlbi Dean) and Carl (Harris Dickinson), a young couple of models and influencers invited to take a cruise on a luxury yacht in the company of an ultra-rich clientele made up in particular of a Russian oligarch and a couple of British billionaires who made their fortune selling landmines.

On this yacht piloted by a disillusioned and alcoholic captain (delirious Woody Harrelson), the wealthy guests are treated to the smallest care by the members of the crew, who have received the clear instructions to meet all the requirements – even the most eccentric – of the customers.

Except that one evening, during the captain's traditional dinner, a violent storm will disrupt the smooth running of the cruise. The passengers are not at the end of their sentences because following another dramatic event, a small group of them will be stranded on a desert island and will have to learn to survive together by putting aside their social privileges.


After becoming known internationally with the excellent Force majeure (2014) and the comedy creakyThe Square (Palme d'or in 2017), Swedish director Ruben Östlund continues in the same vein with this not always subtle charge on opulence and the excesses of capitalism.

His proposal , without concession, will irritate many, especially in the unforgettable sequence of the captain's dinner, which ends in a deluge of vomit. But under its caustic and sometimes even grotesque comedy looks, Without filter offers a brilliant reflection on the relations of power and social classes.  Quite long (about 150 minutes), the film would certainly have benefited from being tightened up, especially in the third and last act, which stretches unnecessarily. But Without Filter offers moments so delirious and tasty that it would be crazy to sulk its pleasure.

Rating: 3 stars and a half. Unfiltered (Triangle of Sadness), a film by Ruben Östlund with Charlbi Dean, Harris Dickinson and Woody Harrelson.