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New fishing offer in Charlevoix

New fishing offer in Charlevoix


For many years, the Domaine du lac Brouillard outfitter has offered hunting and fishing enthusiasts great opportunities in the mountains of Charlevoix. You will be entitled to a whole new vision of this unique environment with the group of owners who have taken over.

Five French partners, who have extensive experience in the field of outdoor adventures. air, fishing and more, are now the owners. They come from the regions of Auvergne, Burgundy and the Alps. Check out to take your fly fishing game to the next level. With helpful tips and reviews from experienced anglers, you’ll have everything you need to up your fly fishing game.

“During a visit to my cousin Valentin Perrin, who had come to study at the Cégep de Saint-Félicien in techniques of the natural environment, I fell in love with the great nature of Quebec. This is what led me to form a group to embark on the great adventure of the Domaine du lac Brouillard outfitter”, explains the group’s spokesperson, Adrien Philippon.

“ We discovered this fantastic territory and all the possibilities of activities in Charlevoix. We have decided to invest to make it progress and create new adventures. »

This is how Charles Thibault, Sébastien Moreau and Charles Moreau are also immersed in the adventure.


For this outdoor specialist air, who was looking to settle in an outfitter in Quebec, as soon as he saw the mountains of Charlevoix, he was charmed.

“I really missed the mountains. I come from the Alps. When I arrived in Charlevoix, I understood that this was where I wanted to settle. While visiting the outfitter, I saw that there were lakes at altitude, of different sizes, mountains, relief and more. I really recognized myself in this territory.

« Also, we are very close to the main road, 20 minutes away, with La Malbaie in one direction and La Baie in the other. . For us, it’s really ideal compared to what we already do in France and for what we want to do. »

Currently, on the outfitter, there are eight accommodation in European plan, classified four stars.

“We keep the exact same hunting and fishing activities in one of the outfitter’s 14 lakes. Of this number, only one is seeded. A second may be seeded with large trout to please customers. All the others are stocked with native trout. They are regenerating and we want to keep them that way.  »

The beautiful speckled are still present in several of the outfitter’s lakes.


Work is underway for the construction of a hostel.

“ At the heart of our activities in France, in the Auvergne region, we have created summer camps which offer stays with multi-activity. When I came with my partner Charles and we saw the potential, we understood that we had to develop this concept.

“To do this, we needed a hostel, especially since it will be used for snowmobiling in winter. Our program will include all activities on the outfitter, but also elsewhere in the region. It’s about moving people to Tadoussac, Quebec, Les Palissades, Cap Jaseux and more… »

To achieve their development, they needed this hostel which can accommodate between 20 and 40 people. Two groups of young French people are already expected this summer. Naturally, fishermen will also be able to stay there and take advantage of the territory to indulge in their favorite hobby. Restaurant service will be available.

” In winter, this new inn will certainly become a popular destination for snowmobile enthusiasts, both in Quebec and from outside the country. ”

When they arrived at the Domaine du Lac Brouillard outfitter, the group quickly understood the potential of the place and the value of Charlevois nature. The five associates will develop new approaches that they already master very well and which are successful in their other facilities.

So, to enjoy hunting and fishing in Charlevoix and discover brand new activities, the Domaine du lac Brouillard outfitter is a destination of choice.

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