New health standards: hairdressers put an end to their career

Nouvelles normes sanitaires: des coiffeurs mettent fin à leur carrière

Professionals of the salon industry have decided that putting away their scissors, despite the recovery of activities, believing that the new health standards are much too heavy.

Véronique Morissette, hairdresser at the salon Coiffurium, Sherbrooke will leave the profession within a few weeks. She admits that she was already thinking about a career change. The events of recent months have helped him mature in his decision.

“The confinement has made me realize that I was bored not at all,” she says. And all of these different ways to have weighed in the balance”, she says.

She believes that the dress code will be uncomfortable to the professionals.

“It will be hot,” says Ms. Morissette, adding that the financial losses will be considerable.

“If I lose up to 10 clients per day, whereas I could do 20, I lower my salary, but I also work strong,” she says.

Stephanie Deka has also decided to leave the salon.

The store where she works, located in Montreal, and which it prefers to silence the name, also lived in financial difficulties, prior to the pandemic.

“To be closed for months has resulted in even more financial difficulty,” she explains.

The new standards of hygiene will make it too difficult the option to submit the company’s financial health, ” she says.

“It is even more complicated, more difficult,” let it fall.

The ACQ discouraged

Stéphane Roy, president of the Association Coiffure Québec (ACQ), says he is discouraged by the new health standards.

The CQI had yet participated in the elaboration of the standards guide with the CNESST, but alterations were made without her knowledge, ” says Mr. Roy.

“In the final guidebook, it had added to the blouse mandatory for hairdressers. A new for each customer,” laments Mr. Roy.

“There are a lot of salons that do not have a washer and dryer. How can they wash blouses, or buy enough, if they have 100 customers per day”, wonders there.

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