New investigation into the death of a black man was asphyxiated during his arrest

Nouvelle enquête sur la mort d'un homme noir asphyxié durant son arrestation

The authorities of the State of Washington announced Wednesday a new investigation into the death of a black man during his arrest by police in march when he complained of being overcome, as George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

The governor of this State from the north-west of the United States, Jay Inslee, said he is “convinced” that the investigation into the death of Manuel Ellis could not be left in the charge of the sheriff and the prosecutor of the county of Pierce due to a “conflict of interest”.

This decision by the democratic governor occurs after the broadcast of a video taken by the surveillance camera of an individual who shows Manuel Ellis handcuffed, pleading with the police officers during his arrest on 3 march. A high bandwidth also has partially recorded the scene using his phone.

“What can we learn from this video is that Manny Ellis has not only said “I can’t breathe”, he said, “I can’t breathe, Sir,” said at a press conference the lawyer for the family of the victim.

For him, “this clearly shows that he is struggling to breathe, but he also tries to stay respectful during his last moments of life. It is a sign that he was not the aggressive person that the police have described”, he added.

Mr Ellis died from a respiratory arrest related to a physical constraint, revealed the autopsy, stressing that the presence of methamphetamine in his body and heart disease, could also contribute to the death of this 33 year old man.

Attorney James Bible speaks to media in the company of the family of Manuel Ellis.

The mayor of the city of Tacoma, about 50 miles south of Seattle, has requested last week that the four police officers involved in this case, just placed on administrative leave for the time being, be dismissed and prosecuted.

They have said that they had carried out the arrest of Manuel Ellis because he was trying “to open doors of vehicles on board of which were of the occupants”.

According to them, a physical altercation took place and they had to subdue the suspect.

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