New items Apple: expectations, reality, prices and forecasts

Presentation of the 2019 Apple met nearly all expectations of fans of technology, and was just amazed by the capabilities of the presented innovations

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Новинки Apple: ожидание, реальность, цены и прогнозы

10 September Apple presented the new device, updating the lineup. According to experts Citrus, the approximate price of new iPhone will start from 23 999 UAH.

The most popular new Apple

On the eve of the most anticipated presentations of the 2019 Citrus on his page at Facebook conducted a survey among subscribers about the expectations from the new iPhone models. According to the results, the triple camera waiting for 25.1% of subscribers who took part in the survey. And their expectations were met – models iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max is equipped with three cameras. 11.8% of the votes of the subscribers gave for expanding the color gamut – green iPhone became a reality. Among the expectations, with the highest number of votes, but did not receive a confirmation in the new line, wireless charger (18% of the votes) and increase the memory to 1 TB (13.9% of votes).

Waiting for the Ukrainians from the new Apple iPhone

If to speak about interest in new products, the preferences of fans of Apple technology were as follows. According to the Citrus, which were collected during the night after the presentation, the greatest interest was the Apple iPhone 11. After the number of requests is 11 Pro Apple iPhone in third place — Apple Watch Series 5. All of this speaks to the unflagging interest of the audience to the iPhone and Apple’s ability to maintain fans of the brand in tone, perfectly balancing cutting-edge design, technological innovations and customer expectations. As the world’s only manufacturer of smartphones, which totally controls its own operating system, processors, software and accessories, Apple focuses not on technology for technology’s sake, and customer satisfaction. While constantly demonstrating new technological opportunities (selfie video in slow motion, simultaneous video recording of 4 cameras on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro).

Interest in Apple technology is confirmed by the quantitative indicators. This year for the first time in the history of Apple broadcast your presentation to YouTube, which I watched 1.8 million people. A webcast of the presentation on YouTube spent on your channel and Citrus, the results are impressive and confirm the growing interest in new products Apple — she has collected more than 200,000 hits in the first 3 hours, and at its peak was watched simultaneously by 35,000 people!

The main thing about new

Updated iPhone 11 in waterproof steel buildings have new opportunities for photo and video shooting and extended battery life. They feature innovative new processor Apple A13 Bionic with stunning computing power. In iPhone 11 Pro Max a third camera with a telephoto lens to zoom in.

Apple Watch Series 5, running watchOS 6, got Always On display and new features: compass, noise level measurement and a calendar of women’s cycles. As well as new versions of the body, including titanium.

10.2 new Apple iPad with Retina display and installed iPadOS supports stylus pen and a “smart” keyboard that turns it into a full-fledged multi-tasking computer.

Prices and release date

To find out first when new iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple Watch Series 5 will go on sale, simply fill out the form on the website of Citrus. The start of sales is planned for October. Citrus experts predict a new round of buying interest in Apple technology and expect the following prices for them:

iPhone 11: 23 999 UAH

Pro iPhone 11: 34 999 UAH

iPhone Pro 11 Max: 37 999 UAH

Apple iPad 10.2 7 generation: from 10 to 999 UAH

Apple Watch Series 5 40 mm: from 13 699 UAH

Apple Watch 44 mm Series 5: 14 699 UAH

About Citrus

“Citrus” — a national network of shops of gadgets and innovative technology, has the status of Apple Authorized Reseller, and is a leader in the sale of Apple technology in Ukraine and works with 2000. Today, the Citrus is a leading online store and a network of 55 stores operating in the unique for Ukraine format of innovative entertainment centers with open access to products, interactive areas of virtual reality, electric vehicle, smart home devices. The citrus develops its own network of authorized service centers and rentals of electric vehicles, as well as unparalleled educational spaces “of Ahab” and “Citrus Academy” in the flagship stores.




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Новинки Apple: ожидание, реальность, цены и прогнозы

Новинки Apple: ожидание, реальность, цены и прогнозы

Новинки Apple: ожидание, реальность, цены и прогнозы

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