New massive vaccination campaign in Quebec from the end of August

New massive vaccination campaign in Quebec from the end of August


The Legault government announces the launch of a new massive vaccination campaign which will be open to the entire adult population from the end of August.

Fearing that the start of the school year will lead to an increase in contacts and, consequently, a new resurgence of COVID-19, the government wants to vaccinate as many Quebecers as possible in August and September.

Thus, as of Tuesday, people aged 75 and over can start making an appointment for their new booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. People aged 60 and over and vulnerable adults will follow on August 22, while the campaign will be extended to those aged 18 and over on August 29.

< p>“If it's been more than five months since you had your last vaccine, it's important to get your booster dose,” said Prime Minister François Legault, at a press briefing on Tuesday, insisting on the deadline for five months.

“People are in a good mood, but you have to be careful. The reason why we can have a slightly more normal life is because of the vaccine,” he added, referring to the summer that has just passed without major health measures imposed.

300,000 doses per week

The vaccination campaign will allow, according to the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, to vaccinate up to 300,000 Quebecers per week, a number that can be adjusted according to needs.

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New mass vaccination campaign against COVID.
Take the last of these 2 cases:< br>– 5 months since your last dose
– If you had COVID, wait 3 months before getting vaccinated

Make an appointment👇 The booster dose is still important.

— Christian Dubé (@cdube_sante) August 16, 2022

“We have the capacity for everyone who wants to be vaccinated. […] I would say that unlike previous campaigns, there are two game-changing factors. There are several people who have had COVID, and secondly, we are now better able to plan operations,” explained the Minister of Health.

The Minister acknowledged that there will however be a lot to do to convince Quebecers to roll up their sleeves, with a vaccination rate of only 56% for the 3rd dose, due to lack of interest among 12 to 40 year olds. /p>

“There are several [young people] who have had COVID […] There, they are told 'If you have had COVID, if you have been vaccinated, after three months, go get a booster dose”. I think so, there may have been a dropout, but that is very much linked to the number of young people who have had COVID,” tempered Mr. Dubé.

The latter was delighted, in return, that 88% of people aged 60 and over, “the most important people to go and get vaccinated”, have received their third dose. The 4th dose vaccination campaign is already well underway in this age group, with 53% of people vaccinated.

Don't wait

Furthermore, Mr. Dubé advised Quebecers not to wait before getting their new dose, despite the development of new vaccines mainly targeting the Omicron variant.

“There is no no details yet of when we will have approval from Health Canada, the number of vaccines that will be available. If you are due now, take the vaccine that is available,” implored the Minister of Health.

“We are still in a pandemic. The important thing is to take advantage of the vaccines that are currently available. […] They are very effective in preventing serious complications, ”added the national director of Public Health of Canada, Dr. Luc Boileau.