New measures of containment not required in the United States

De nouvelles mesures de confinement pas n√©cessaires aux √Čtats-Unis

New containment measures will not be needed in the United States, despite a rebound from the sars coronavirus in some american States, held Thursday, expert in infectious diseases Anthony Fauci in an interview with the AFP.

“I don’t think we’re going to talk about a return to containment,” said the immunologist-in-chief of the White House. “I think that the discussions will be to try to better control the regions of the country that seem to have an increase in the number of cases “.

The face of this man in his seventies with glasses is familiar to many Americans. He stood alongside president Donald Trump during his daily press briefings devoted to the pandemic of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci stressed the interest of a very local approach to each step of the return to normal in the country, including on the crucial issue of the reopening of schools.

“In counties where there is no case, there is no problem for the school to be reopened in others where there are a modest number of infections, there could be delays in the reopening of schools “.

“And there are places in the country where there is an infection minimum, where it is necessary to be able to change the routine: alternating days in the morning or in the afternoon, spacing the people and make them wear masks,” he listed.

Dr. Fauci has also considered it “obvious” the interest of return ” to some form of normalcy in our interactions with other countries “.

But the advisor to the health of Donald Trump was not able to predict when the reopening of the borders with Europe would take place, assuring that the situation was being assessed on an almost daily basis.

The United States is by far the most affected country in the world by the pandemic, as well as the number of confirmed cases and number of deaths. Almost 120 000 deaths have been beset.

But while the former epicenters of the epidemic, such as New York and New Jersey, have managed to control it, it went off recently on the rise in some twenty States.

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