New NASA telescope will penetrate into the past of the Universe

Новый телескоп NASA  проникнет  в прошлое Вселенной

The unit should be installed, how the universe evolved and to detect its “building blocks” in different parts of the milky Way.

New space telescope NASA SPHEREx, which will be in 2023, needs to tackle the most complex mysteries of the Universe, penetrating into her “past”. This writes

The tool is designed to solve two key issues: to establish how the universe evolved and how widespread some of its important building blocks in our galaxy.

Device SPHEREx will be able to collect optical and near-infrared light from a number of sources: more than 100 million stars in the milky Way and more than 300 million other galaxies.

In our galaxy the milky Way SPHEREx will map the water and organic molecules that are the basic constituents of life as we know it. And beyond our galaxy, he will “go back in time” – in the very first moments of our Universe.

Thus, scientists intend to determine what caused the Universe to expand so quickly – in less than a nanosecond after the Big Bang.

Earlier it was reported that NASA announced the loss of the Opportunity Rover, which was hit by a massive sandstorm.

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