New novel by Marie-Christine Chartier: the little cracks that grow

New novel by Marie-Christine Chartier: the little cracks that grow


Author of four bestsellers, including Flowering Water Lilies and The allegory of the rainbow trout, Marie-Christine Chartier tackles the difficult and often destabilizing theme of unexpected love breaks in her new novel, < /strong>Right in the heart of Saturn. The main characters, Élise and Félix, each examine on their own what has fractured their relationship over the years. It's about insecurity and anxiety… evils that can quickly undermine a relationship.

Félix and Élise have opposite personalities. However, from the first moments, it was love at first sight between them. An electrifying encounter that led to an increasingly rich and meaningful romantic relationship. 

In the three years since meeting, love has blossomed. Or seems to have blossomed, since one day, Félix asks Élise to take a break. The famous break that so many people dread.

Each on their own, grappling with their bugs and their questions, Élise and Félix try to see which may well have cracked their relationship, over time. 

And it seems that the problem comes from Élise, struggling with fears, doubts, a feeling of insecurity and a lot of anxiety.

Pick up the pieces?< /p>

Marie-Christine Chartier tells brilliantly, in a very contemporary style, these efforts that we make, these little pieces that we try to keep together or to put back together when in reality, everything is stupidly in falling apart.

“Sometimes you just can't handle the other person anymore. We really waited, we break upand that's all. No need to take a break, comments the author. But the characters of Élise and Félix still love each other very much. This break is a last try.”

“They say to themselves: if we're not together for a couple of weeks and we think about this on our own, are you okay? come back ? Are we going to be bored? Aren't the things that bother us really that important after all?” she continues.

Personally, Marie-Christine says that she doesn't really believe in breaks in life. unable to take the leap. We tell ourselves that we're going to take a break… when we know what we're going to do: it's going to be that we're going to let ourselves go.”

Beyond love

Besides this story, Marie-Christine also wanted to show that it happens that we love a person very much, but that too many things separate us to walk for a long time. < /p>

“Félix and Élise really love each other, but the way Élise is, in life, is not compatible with the way of being of Félix. Sometimes there is no miracle, no solution. Sometimes the fit is not good. We are made to meet and spend time together, but not to spend life together.”

There is no question of a toxic relationship in this book. 

“Incompatibilities, there are plenty. What fascinates me is that you move forward in life, and moving towards a common goal is the most difficult thing. You start to make choices, to ask yourself if this is the person you want to have children with… Love is not everything, there are so many other things that revolve around it . And sometimes love isn't enough.”

“It's sad, because we've been told since we were young that if we love each other, the rest , it's fine… but it's not exactly the reality we live in.”

  • Marie-Christine Chartier is passionate about writing.
  • She has already published four best-sellers with Hurtubise.
  • She holds a master's degree in educational psychology from Laval University.
  • She also played high level tennis in the United States for six years.


– I kind of need some space.

It's the same as he told me, and I think that's what pissed me off the most. Not what pained me the most; no, that was learning that Felix wanted to get away from me. I need space. The worst thing about this formulation was all the uncertainty, all the vagueness it contained. It was the least clear statement ever yet it was the one he chose to tell me he needed a break. Besides, it could only have been a well-considered decision. We've been in love for three years, we're fucking engaged, we lined up to love each other for life.”