New novel by Maureen Martineau: extreme tension in the Haute-Mauricie

Nouveau roman de Maureen Martineau: tension extrême en Haute-Mauricie

Woman inhabited by the love of the great outdoors and nature, talented writer, Maureen Martineau is inspired by the tragic story of arrival to one of her friends to write her new novel, Zec La Croche. Between the hunters and the prey unfolds a story as black as a night without moon.

In Haute-Mauricie, a young woman, Lorie, went to collect at the edge of the lake to Matte, on the camping site where his mother was killed the year before. A heavenly site. But at night, all sorts of predators are lurking. Animals, humans, hunters and prey, attack and revenge… Lorie is not aware of all that awaits him at the bend.

In an interview from his residence in Tingwick, Maureen Martineau explains that her new novel is strongly in the territory. In that case, a zec (controlled harvesting zone) in the Haute-Mauricie region, a territory where black bear, and moose abound. “We always esteem, she noted. When I go camping, I want to find a lake pure where I can go swimming without the risk of being contaminated. I like to go in parks, outfitters. “

She found some interesting places, but difficult to access in the Haute-Mauricie, and then one day, discovered the zec The Crooked, easy enough to access.

Writer, lover of open-air reveals that she has at the same time a great attraction to these wild places, and the fear very great to go there alone. Fear common to many of the world.

“How can I do to overcome my fear ? It is a fear that dates back to when I was young… when I saw the guys from on-the-go do the tour of the Gaspésie. I wanted to do it too… but there is always the fear of girls to measure up to an adventure trip, and even more in the forest. “

Inspired by a case history

She wanted to confront this fear, to tell the story of a woman starting to do the trekking in the forest, braving this fear. But in the same time, is placed in the memory of a friend of the region of Sherbrooke who has made murder in the valley of mount Washington, there are a couple of years.

“It was in the fifties and, from time to time, was leaving. She needed to take the air. She went on a trek alone, a the end of the week, and she is murdered in the forest. They never found who did it. All his family has returned, year after year, and the survey has never advanced. “

Maureen was interesting to resume the crime, the general idea of this tragedy. “In my story, at least, it is a crime that is solved. We finally know what happened. “This is not the case for the woman of Sherbrooke. “There is a huge frustration for the family because they still do not know what happened. “

The writer had this terrible story in mind in writing his novel. “I thought he was behind it the whole business of predation. In a zec, there is the hunter hunting the game, thus the relationship between the hunter and the animals. In the case of women, the fear of being attacked in his tent. “It has added to a climate of tension between the White and the Aboriginal.

“I thought it was just a place holder to meet this side of the hunter and the prey, this species of fear of attack. There was also the matter of revenge. ”

  • Maureen Martineau lives in Tingwick, in the Centre-du-Québec.
  • She has published several crime novels, including The promised child (prix Arthur-Ellis for best crime novel in French in Canada), The city match and A church for the birds.


Maureen Martineau. Editions
Heliotrope, Black, 288 pages.”>

Zec La Croche
Maureen Martineau. Editions
Heliotrope, Black, 288 pages.

Lorie collapsed on the bed in the middle of the luggage. Its teeth biting the cotton of the pillowcase. She never should have let his mother go without it. By denying their ritual summer, she has brought the curse on their family. A mini-family of two women, shattered for ever. All this, for a party with friends where she did not even amused. While she was freezing in the head-to-Large Battery, his mom was being attacked in his tent. “

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