New novel of Guillaume Musso: the rage to live of the characters

Nouveau roman de Guillaume Musso: la rage de vivre des personnages

In three acts and two strokes of the theater, Guillaume Musso, writer, magician, plunges its readers into a universe spoofing, where the characters come to life, literally, in his new book, life is a novel. Cleverly structured, rich in surprises and literary references, this new book is highly anticipated is a must. And one of the novels, the most successful of this author’s phenomenal success.

Flora Conway, novelist fame to the discretion legendary, begins his new novel by telling the story of the disappearance of her three-year old daughter, Carrie, when they were playing a game of hide-and-seek in their apartment in Brooklyn.

As we read, we learn that the disappearance is not explained, and that the police investigation led to nothing.

At the same time, the other side of the Atlantic, Roman, a writer at heart all to pieces after a painful separation with a woman completely crazy, take refuge in a dilapidated house. It is indeed him who has the key to the mystery in the hands. It is he who writes… so, it is him who decides the fate of its characters. In principle.

Interviewed from Paris, Guillaume Musso explains that the idea for the novel came to him in playing him-even hide-and-seek with his children, especially his son. “Over the years, I have seen that the more he grew, the more he was hiding out in places where I had trouble finding it.”

“The story is part of a day where I put two minutes to find it… and the fear that I felt at that moment. I wanted to start the story as a kind of Mystery of the yellow room, with a missing child when the windows are closed, the door is closed, double-tower, and the suspicions which goes towards the mother, who is a novelist. After that, the novel took a different magnitude with the input stage of the other writer.”

Real world, imaginary world

Then the book took a different direction, more focused on the writing, on the relations of the writer with his characters, and this struggle between the imaginary world and the real world.

“This is a book that I felt legitimate to write, because it’s been almost 20 years that I wake up every morning, I turn on my computer, that I’m going to write. It’s been 20 years that I’m doing these back and forth between an imaginary world that I create and my personal and family life.”

He cites many works and writers in his novel. A great reader, he explains, live a companionship compared to great authors such as Georges Simenon and Romain Gary. “These are two writers that I also find fascinating in their man’s life and in their work.”

Three acts

The novelist whose story he recounts, Flora Conway, is a creature of the Frankenstein, who ends up having a life of its own. Guillaume Musso familiar with the work of Mary Shelley… but the idea came to him otherwise.

“I attend my characters for a long time and by writing, I can see that sometimes, the characters want to break free and do things that are not predestined not necessarily. It is both what is interesting in this business of writing, and this can be both a source of problems and pitfalls.”

Guillaume Musso stated that her novel is designed as a piece of theatre in three acts. “Each party puts in question the status of the part you just read.” The biggest challenge was to get to make this story credible. “And this, you could not know before to write it!”


Life is a novel
Guillaume Musso
Editions Calmann Levy
304 pages”>

Life is a novel
Guillaume Musso
Editions Calmann Levy
304 pages

Brooklyn, fall 2010.

Six months ago, on April 12, 2010, my three-year old daughter, Carrie Conway, me was kidnapped while we were playing all two hide-and-seek in my apartment in Williamsburg.

It was a beautiful afternoon, bright and sunny, like New York offers much in the spring. Faithful to my habits, I went on foot to look Carrie in her school, the Montessori School of McCarren Park. On the way back, we were arrested at Marcello’s to buy a compote, and a cannoli with lemon as Carrie had devoured while frolicking merrily to the side of her stroller. “

♦ Guillaume Musso is the author of French the most widely read in France, and for the past eight years (source : GFK).

♦ He was born in Antibes in 1974. He started writing during his studies and has never stopped.

♦ In 2004, the publication of And after… devotes his meeting with the public.

♦ He wrote The Girl a paper, Central Park, An apartment in Paris, The Young girl and the night.

♦ His novels, all bestsellers, have been translated into 41 languages and have been several times adapted to the cinema.

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