New on our platforms: here are 12 documentaries or web series to discover

New to our platforms: here are 12 upcoming documentaries or web series cover


The novelties fuse. You have to have eyes everywhere. On the various platforms, web series and documentaries are set up to reach the public. Projects undertaken in many cases, which make you think, impact. Others that make us laugh sometimes. Here are a few novelties that deserve our attention. 

Short-format fictions 


Season 1 of this touching, ultra-realistic series was inspired by the eponymous book by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette. We followed disadvantaged young people from the Saint-Michel district whose families are threatened with eviction. Director and co-screenwriter Eric Piccoli took the story further by reuniting with Eddy, Mélissa and Karine two years later. Their issues as teenagers are different, their situation is always precarious. They lose their footing. A shooting breaks out in the neighborhood, which makes Eddy's mother and Karine's father feel insecure as they try to get their lives back together. Mélissa's mother is facing health problems while the DPJ has placed her children. Always so authentic.

► Broadcast on ICI 

BANNI< /p>

This Manitoba web series that echoes the news is a story of siblings despite the differences. Jonathan is a comedian, but his homophobic jokes have crossed the line. It is “cancelled”. The death of his mother forces him to reconnect with his brother Thomas who is homosexual and whom he has always believed to be the favorite. Her mother insisted that they do everything together after she left, which will force them to get to know each other better and realize that everyone is important in her heart. 

► Broadcast on TV5unis 


A crazy web series in which Ariel Charest, comedian and comedian who has made a name for herself on the web thanks to her delirious dubbing, parodies the codes of true crime series. As she says, a good investigative reporter has to be prepared to get their hands dirty. She lends her features to her alter ego, Hariel Cherast, who must solve significant facts of popular culture with his acolytes Siméon and Pascaline. It is therefore a question of the intrusion of the wild turkey into a lady's living room as well as the woke movement at the National Assembly or even a memorable performance at Soirée canadienne, of the famous birdy by Carl Carmoni when describing the games of miniputt or the frog found in the pepper as mysterious as the caramel in the Caramilk.

► Broadcast on TVA+ 


The actress Geneviève Rioux goes behind the camera and offers us a series on a theme of great delicacy. A work that she scripted with Gabriel Sabourin. She is co-directing the second season with her son, Emmanuel. We follow the journey of women who have taken refuge in a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Season 1 took a look at a mother and her children. This follows women with different backgrounds, including Kenza who wishes to return to Morocco, but whom her husband is manipulating, and Fatou, who is awaiting her citizenship. 

► Broadcast on ICI 

The magazine


Comedian Garihanna Jean-Louis and actor and columnist Gaël Comtois lead this magazine, which aims to highlight the talent of emerging artists from cultural diversity, while discussing with those who have influenced them. The interviews are done in a friendly and humorous way. We navigate in the fields of sport, entrepreneurship, politics, entertainment. Thus, the comedian Sinem Kara finds himself face to face with his mentor, Guy Jodoin, the director Mara Joly meets Corneille, Jenny Echaquan Dubé exchanges with Elisapie, the trainer Alexandre Kenol talks with Patrice Bernier.

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Noémi Mercier became interested in real estate developer Henry Zavriyev, who acquired several apartment buildings in Montreal. He employs unethical strategists to evict his tenants. Those of the Mont-Carmel building, a residence for the elderly, resist. These seniors are determined to keep their place and assert their rights while exposing the indecency of the owner.  

► Airing on Crave from May 12 


Varda Étienne is interested in this series in four episodes in a question as taboo as it is delicate: colorism. Within racialized communities there is a desire to value lighter skin. This phenomenon has serious repercussions in an era where acceptance and diversity are advocated. Varda seeks to understand its origins, observes the industry that privileges it and meets people who denounce this practice. Sarahmée, Eddy King and Naadei testify to it.

► Broadcast on and on ICI extra 


When everything seemed to be going well in her life, Julie Bélanger had a burnout. She lived it in the public eye and never hid it. The issues of relatives made him want to delve into the question, to tackle delicate topics, including mental health, infertility, second chances. José Gaudet, Ingrid Falaise, Mélanie Maynard, Maripier Morin, Geneviève Brouillette, Judi Richards, Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay, Michel Charette sat down with her to discuss in complete transparency.

► Broadcast on Vrai starting May 23 


It is difficult to ignore ecological issues. Pollution affects us. The ubiquity of plastic, over-packaging and the recycling crisis are of concern. Director Sophie Lambert and graphic designer and teacher Sylvain Allard seek to understand how to better define ways of doing things in order to find solutions to change our modes of production and consumption.

► Broadcast on Media knowledge 


Radio-Canada's Rad component is a journalistic laboratory offering a young and immersive approach that borrows from the codes of social networks, while being researched and rigorous. Nicolas Pham notably tests life coaches, skincare, the OnlyFans phenomenon.

► Broadcast on ICI or on YouTube 


If it was once taboo to talk about mental health, it is now with benevolence that we approach it. This four-part series by Hugo Rozon, himself having been diagnosed with bipolarity, gives the floor to eight artists who talk about their childhood, their journey, their vulnerabilities and what makes them happy. Marc Dupré, Jonathan Roy, Claude Legault, Louise Latraverse, Victoria Charlton, Mariana Mazza, Jérémie Demay and High Klassified talk about anxiety and depression, but also about acceptance, routine, artistic approach and the importance to ask for help. 

► Aired on Vrai 


Vanessa Destiné, Youssef Shoufan and Aïcha Bastien N'Diaye (season 2 – Maïtée Labrecque-Saganash was from season 1) lead this necessary encounter with history. It is about the first indigenous CEGEP, the French movement at McGill, foreign minors in Abitibi as well as the history of domestic help in Quebec or the debate on secularism. These events forged our history and involved diverse communities that have nourished our Quebec. 

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