New passion of Ani Lorak: what is known about the 26-year-old Yegor Gleb?

Ukrainian singer confirmed the rumors about the affair with a member of the Black Star

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Новая пассия Ани Лорак: что известно о 26-летнем Егоре Глебе?

Ani Lorak had an affair – who’s Egor Gleb

After the singer confirmed rumors about the relationship of sound-the producer of label Black Star Egor Gleb, the network began to discuss the unpleasant facts from the biography of 26-year-old boy. What is known about a new passion of Ukrainian singer, and how it relates to Tannoy, read further into the material.

Recall that in his Instagram lorac has posted two photos of Egor, which surprised and delighted his fans. Carolina fans wanted the star of the luck and love in the relationship with the new guy, but some expressed concerns for the singer.

The fact that Yegor Hleb, which is known not so much, at 26, divorced and has a child. Although the new beloved Ani Lorak is not an active user of social networks, in my ASKfm he often answered questions from subscribers and post a photo. It is known that Egor not only works as a sound producer for Black Star, but is a good friend of the singer Yegor creed.

Новая пассия Ани Лорак: что известно о 26-летнем Егоре Глебе?

Gleb, Egor and Egor Krid

Gleb has a son Daniel, born in marriage with Ukrainian singer Tatyana Reshetnyak (TAYANNA). Egor Hlib from Ukraine, but for a long time, like Ani Lorak, lives and career in Moscow.

With Reshetnyak musician lived for about three years. The main reason for the gap TAYANNA calls the betrayal of the beloved. In the interview, she also told me that Gleb raised her hand. “I’ve been through. Cheated on me more than once. Can’t forgive, though we no longer live together. He also laid a hand on me…” – confessed Tanna in conversation with Masha Efrosinina.

We will remind that to the relations with Egor Gleb Ani Lorak was married to Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian. The former couple divorced in December 2018 in the Kiev court.

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