New plot on a background of romance

New storyline with a romance backdrop


Proud of the 350 000 copies sold of her children's series and her presence on social networks, the popular novelist Marie Potvin offers a new intrigue with a backdrop of romance to her young readers, A thousand pages later. She describes the daily life of a high school student who devours book after book. Her life changes when she finds herself stuck at the table of a rowdy trio of boys in her art class.

Her new novel is aimed at teenagers aged 12 and over  years old. 

“It's a little bit older than Girl Models, because of the themes I cover in the book,” says Marie Potvin, in interview.

“It’s Mary. We are in the romance that burns for a long time! It's a long time before there are things that happen. Between that, there is the plot of the girl, all her emotions. I write in the “I” and in the present. I always write my teenage stories like that. »

The writer wanted to portray a great reader in this series.

« The girl call Maxim, she's in secondary 3 and all she wants in life is to lock herself in her room, read her novels. She has her stack to read. ”

Forced out of her bubble

Marie Potvin observed that there are many young readers, like her character, who are very present on social networks, who read a lot and present book reviews on the internet. 

“They sometimes read three books in one day! They are really inveterate. I wanted to do a character like that because it looks like me when I was that age. I just wanted to be in my room with my books and candy! ”

This is what Maxim wants. But in the show, she gets frustrated because she doesn't have all the time she wants to read… and her friends overtake her by reading more than her. 

” In at the same time, a new neighbor arrives on the scene and tells him his four truths in the face. In visual arts, she sits with three guys who are not so good hockey players… “, adds the author.

Marie Potvin reveals that this is a situation that she lived in secondary 3 herself. 

“I was sitting at a table with three party guys, very horny, a little older. Over time, I became friends with them and that's what I want Maxim to experience. In volume 2, she goes to a first party. She's with older people and doesn't quite know how to act. 

Maxim, she adds, is the withdrawn type, who is fine with his books, in his room. 

“She's not trying to look pretty. She's not trying to be popular. She just wants to be in her world…but she finds herself in situations that take her out of her world! ”