New protest against racism and police brutality in the streets of Montreal

Nouvelle manifestation contre le racisme et la brutalité policière dans les rues de Montréal

MONTREAL – Several thousand people are expected this Sunday in downtown Montreal at the second major protest against racism and police brutality.

The gathering is organized by the League of Black New Generation in collaboration with other organizations of the black community in the wake of the vast movement initiated after the death, on the 25th of may, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The man, an African-American, had been killed by a white policeman during a police intervention.

The organisers of the event Montreal have released the itinerary for their event Saturday evening on the social networks. At 11 a.m., from the place of rendezvous, the place Émilie-Gamelin, it is intended that the protesters along the boulevard De Maisonneuve to the West up to De Bleury, they then walk south on Bleury up to René-Lévesque, then go west to Dorchester square, where the event will end around 13: h.

At 10 a.m., several participants were already beginning to arrive at the place Émilie-Gamelin, while speeches were in preparation.

The League of Black New Generation bet on a peaceful demonstration. “In the love, the peace and quiet,” said the organization in publishing his itinerary.

Several personalities, including politicians, have decided to participate in the event. The head of the liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade, and the federal minister Melanie Joy have been seen.

The director of the police Department of the City of Montreal, Sylvain Caron, had to participate, but the invitation he had received from the organizers was withdrawn on Saturday.

Anastasia Marcelin, the League of Black New Generation, told TVA News a few minutes before the start of the event, Sunday morning, that it was she who had invited Mr. Caron, and who had désinvité.

“That night, I talked to young people who have told me horror stories with the police”, she said to justify her decision to withdraw the invitation to Mr. Caron.

Anastasia Marcelin has also called the quebec society to focus on the demands of protesters, rather than on the excesses of last Sunday. By making reference to the events of the last week, she insisted that the thugs had nothing to do with the people who came to manifest earlier.

Last Sunday, the first major protest against racism and police brutality had taken place in the streets of downtown montreal. It was held peacefully, but the thugs had been intoxicated by the suite, using buildings and looting shops.

Seen as the attackers, the police officers are not welcome at the rally against racism

The League of Black New Generation surprised many by withdrawing the invitation she had made to the director of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), Sylvain Caron, to join the rally against racism scheduled for today in Montreal.

For the criminal defence lawyer Marie-Livia Beaugé who takes part in the movement, the gathering is intended to be a “safe space” where “the aggressors” [police] are not welcome.

“Imagine that you are a victim of sexual assault, who said : “your abuser wants to tell you something”. This victim, as well as other victims are in a “safe space,” [a safe space], then it requires him to be next to his attacker,” has explained to Me Beaugé in an interview broadcast on LCN, in the morning, before the start of the event.

“Yesterday, the day before yesterday, there are still young people, who are attacked by police officers. The League of Black New Generation has taken this into account in its message,” said the criminalist.

In Montreal, Black people are four times more likely to be arrested than Whites, while they represent less than 3% of the canadian population.

In addition, Blacks represent 9 % of the prison population, an overrepresentation due to racial profiling, explained Marie-Livia Beaugé.

“It is sure to come in and lend a helping hand it is a very, very nice gesture, but we would prefer that they participate to change their procedures in their arrests. The day where everything will be settled, it is our dream to see the police and the public, one next to the other,” she detailed.

She also wants the Blacks to take part in the new policy regarding police stops that must be made in July.

If they are not invited, consulted, despite the good will, the risks of getting it wrong are real.

“If the procedures are written by the privileged who do not live in the reality of the people of our communities, it is sure that there will be errors, even though this is not intentional. The police has stretched the hand, it is very happy, now we want to see this collaboration in concrete actions”, she said.

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