New record: Joey Chestnut eating 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes

Nouveau record: Joey Chestnut engloutit 75 hot-dogs en 10 minutes

Since a few years, that says July 4, said Joey Chestnut. The American 36-year-old has once again won the traditional contest of eating hot dogs in the national feast of the United States.

For his 13th coronation, Chestnut has gobbled up 75 “hot dogs” in the space of 10 minutes. He has beaten his own record of 74 that he had established in 2018. He has also defeated his closest pursuer by 33 hot dogs.

In women, this is Miki Sudo, who won the competition. The lady has even established a new record for women eating 48,5 hot dogs. She has won the competition for a seventh time.

Due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus, the event was a lot different in 2020. Usually fought in front of spectators outside to Coney Island, the competition was held indoors and without an audience.

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