New restrictions emergency in the United States in the face of the resurgence of the pandemic

Nouvelles restrictions d’urgence aux États-Unis face au regain de la pandémie

HOUSTON | Texas and Florida have enacted new restrictions on bars Friday, facing the resurgence of the pandemic COVID-19, many responsible for considering coast to coast the back of emergency measures to stem the contagion.

The resurgence in Texas (29 million inhabitants) is the most emblematic, as it is one of the States to be re-opened very early, from the 1st of may, weeks before the North-East.

The bars texans had re-opened on 22 may. On Friday, five weeks later, in the face of the epidemic is rampant, and with the influx of patients in hospitals, the governor ordered their closure.

“It is clear that the increase in the number of cases is largely due to certain types of activities, including Texans who congregate in the bars,” said Greg Abbott, asking for the umpteenth time to the Texans to comply with the detachment physics.

The authorities of Harris county, which includes the largest city in texas, Houston, want to ask the governor to order a return to containment, according to the local press.

In Florida, 9,000 cases were reported Friday, eclipsing the previous record of 5,500 cases Wednesday.

The State authorities have announced that consumption of alcohol would now be banned on site in the bars, with immediate effect.

The past seven days, broke the record for the number of new cases detected in a week in the United States (225.000), according to a count by the AFP.

The rise is continuous for two weeks in 30 of the 50 States of the country, particularly in the largest and most populated of the South and of the West, California, Texas and Florida. Many have even beaten their record of new cases daily since the beginning of the pandemic.

Only the North-eastern (New York), and to a lesser extent the Midwest (with Chicago) will keep today the virus under control.

“Wake up America. What is happening in the country is not a second wave, it is still the first wave,” tweeted Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York.

Screening group

Among the other measures discussed in the country is the port of the mask: mandatory or not?

California has decided the last week, especially in stores and transport, followed by North Carolina and Nevada this week, which will apply from Friday to the casinos of Las Vegas.

But in the States tend to be conservative, the resistance is large. Even in California, the county of Orange opposed the governor on the issue. In Texas, the governor encourages his constituents to cover his face, but he has so far refused to make an order.

“The problem is that does not make it mandatory sends a mixed message. It is necessary to make it mandatory,” stressed Friday the mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, on CNN.

“We have more cases, because we test more. If we do test out not, we wouldn’t have a case”, said Thursday the president Donald Trump, on Fox News. “What they don’t say is that we have never had so few deaths, it is very, very down.”

But the hospitalizations are increasing, sure sign that the epidemic is progressing.

“There is something that does not work” in the current approach, conceded dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the Institute of infectious diseases, and a member of the crisis unit of the White House on the coronavirus.

He and other senior public-health officials do not hide their concern, and recognize that a majority of the country has never developed the capacity for testing and tracing would have been required to keep a step ahead of the virus.

Dr. Fauci said that the administration is now considering the use of the screening group (pool testing), in order to test yet more of the world than it currently is.

The crisis unit of the White House will resume on Friday the press conference on the sars coronavirus as it was before all days, with the vice-chairman Mike Pence planned instead of Donald Trump.

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