New rocket attack in Baghdad, the 6th in two weeks

Nouvelle attaque à la roquette à Bagdad, la 6e en deux semaines

BAGHDAD | A rocket struck again Monday the Baghdad airport, currently closed because of COVID-19 and where are stationed american soldiers, the sixth such attack in two weeks, said the iraqi army.

“This shot has not been no casualties or damage,” said the army in a press release.

Like most years, these shots have not been claimed, even if Washington points the finger at the pro-Iran. Networks obscure have claimed responsibility for some attacks, fake-nose of the armed factions pro-Iran, according to experts.

Since the 8 June, it is the third attack against the airport, in the enclosure of which is a huge military base in iraq housing u.s. troops.

Two other attacks targeted the vicinity of the american embassy, and rockets have also fallen on the base of Taji, north of Baghdad, which also hosts troops from Washington.

A sign that the situation concerned in the highest place, the Prime minister Moustafa al-Kazimi has even recently dedicated a security Council — council of ministers reduced to the question of rocket fire, promising to make accountability to authors, who, however, have so far never been apprehended.

At least 33 attacks have targeted soldiers or diplomats, americans in Iraq since October 2019.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran, sworn enemies, who compete for influence in Iraq, have escalated in recent months and the assassination in early January of the general iranian Qassem Soleimani and his lieutenant, an iraqi in Baghdad has failed to give rise to an open conflict.

Since then, Iraq has a new government, who is more pro-american, and the firing of rockets — which have killed three Americans and one Briton in recent months — have experienced a lull.

The recent revival of the shots coincides with the launch on the 11th of June for a “strategic dialogue” which was supposed to redefine the cooperation between Baghdad and Washington, but the experts say not to expect great results.

The american soldiers, who were about 5 200 in the last year before the withdrawals of several hundred of them by reason of the rockets, and the new coronavirus, are the subject of a decision of expulsion passed by the iraqi Parliament, but never implemented by the government.

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