New scandal for the French XV: two players arrested for sexual assault in Argentina

Two players from the French XV, Oscar Jégou and Hugo Auradou, are the subject of a complaint, which was filed on Monday, for sexual assault.

The South American tour of the XV of France goes wrong: after the racist slip-up of Melvyn Jaminet, two new players of the Blues, Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou, are the subject of a complaint for sexual assault and were arrested by the police in Argentina on Monday , AFP learned from a judicial source.

The two rugby players must be transferred to Mendoza (central-west), location of the alleged attack and where the Blues played their first match against the Argentine selection on Saturday (28-13) .

According to the local press, the alleged attack took place during the night from Saturday to Sunday, at the Diplomatic Hotel in Mendoza, where players and staff were staying during the test against the Pumas.

The prosecutor requested the immediate arrest of the suspects, who are in Buenos Aires for the rest of the summer tour. Fabien Galthié's Blues must leave on Tuesday for Montevideo, where they will meet Uruguay in a friendly match on Wednesday. The XV of France will return to Buenos Aires to challenge Argentina again on Saturday.

Pau's second line Hugo Auradou and La Rochelle's third line Oscar Jegou played in the Mendoza match.

"There is an ongoing investigation. We do not yet have all the details since we have just arrived in Buenos Aires with Jean-Marc Lhermet", indicated the president of the FFR Florian Grill to a few journalists including the AFP.


"If the facts are proven, they are incredibly serious. We must spare a thought for the young woman. It's the opposite of everything rugby is, everything rugby does, everything rugby builds (…) but we have to let it happen. investigation, which is necessary, take place", he added.

"Rugby is anecdotal, everything else is incidental. The sequence is dramatic, he again assured.

This story comes the day after the Melvyn Jaminet affair, removed from the group after racist remarks in a video published on Sunday and about which he said "shameful".

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