New scandal for the XV of France: who are Oscar Jégou and Hugo Auradou, the two rugby players arrested for sexual assault in Argentina ?

The two young players of the French XV, Oscar Jégou and Hugo Auradou, are the subject of a complaint for sexual assault and were arrested by the Argentine police on Monday July 8.

The French rugby team is in turmoil. Racism, sexual assault… After Melvyn Jaminet's slip-up, the two novices of the Blues, Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jégou, are the target of a complaint for sexual assault. The two players have both just honored their first selection with the XV of France during the victory against Argentina (28-13) in a test match, Saturday July 6.

Not the first time for Oscar Jégou

For Oscar Jégou, this is not the first time that the professional rugby player has made the headlines. The player had tested positive for cocaine in the fall of 2023. He was then given a three-month suspension reduced to one month for good behavior. He explained that he had taken this substance in a festive setting.

Author of a good season with Stade Rochelais, he notably scored a decisive try against Toulon during the play-off in the final stages. World champion under 20 in 2023 with the XV of France, the Rochelais had already “made a mistake”, which had already put a blow to his career.

Hugo Auradou, son of a former rugby player

As for Hugo Auradou, playing for Section Paloise, this is the first time that his name appears outside of the sporting aspect. Son of David, 41 selections with the Blues, the player of the Section Paloise played his first match with the French team, and probably his last if the facts are proven.

Also under-20 world champion with France, the second row is coming off his first real season in the elite with 22 matches played.

The arrest of Jégou and Auradou intervenes the day after another affair: the sidelining of the tour and the sending back to France of the rear Melvyn Jaminet, after racist remarks in a video published on Sunday and of which he said he was “ashamed”.

My daronne (my mother, Editor's note) who asks me if I partied (he sighs). I swear to you, the first Arab I meet on the road, I'll hit him with my helmet”, declares, visibly angry, the player (25 years old, 20 caps) who films himself in this short undated video, posted on Instagram and since deleted.

In a press release published shortly after its broadcast, the French Rugby Federation condemned “in the strongest terms” the comments made by Melvyn Jaminet which are “totally unacceptable and contrary to the fundamental values ​​of our sport”.

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