New school: season 2 confirmed? This little phrase from Netflix that says it all

New school, it's already over on Netflix! Fresh Lapeufra was crowned winner of this first edition and won 100,000 euros. The show with SCH, Niska and Shay was a big hit on Netflix in France where it squatted the top 10 most viewed programs. But is a season 2 in preparation? In any case, it smells very good if we are to believe one of the leaders of the platform.

To find the new rap star, Niska, Shay and SCH pitted many talents against each other, selected from their respective cities in New School. This season 1 was marked by a battle that turned into insults and by the victory of Fresh Lapeufra who was opposed to Elyon and Leys in the final. The results of this season 1 seem quite positive for Netflix… to the point of giving the program a season 2?

A Netflix executive teases a season 2 for New School

Looks like a sequel is off to a great start! In any case, this is what Damien Bernet, development director of Netflix France, would have declared during a meeting with the Association of Media Journalists which took place on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Referring to the show, he confided to having “hit the bullseye” and explained: “It's not up to us to announce it but there may be a season 2 ” reports journalist Sacha Nokovitch on Twitter.

A surprise? Not really. Since its launch at the beginning of June, Nouvelle ├ęcole squats the top 10 of the most viewed programs on Netflix. According to rumors, the casting has even already been launched for season 2 of the show. It remains to be seen whether Shay, Niska and SCH will be back on the jury or whether this possible sequel will feature other big names in French rap. Asked by Le Parisien for the launch, the New School jurors explained that they were ready for a season 2. 'add: “In real life, we're going straight there“.