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New school: the winner validated by the public? 10 tweets that made us laugh about the final

After three weeks of competition, it was this Thursday, June 23, 2022 that Netflix released episode 8 of New School, which is none other than the final of this rap competition. The opportunity for SCH, Niska and Shay to elect the big winner among Elyon, Leys and Fresh Lapeufra. So who took the win? Has the winner been validated by the public? We tell you everything.

Thursday, June 23, 2023 was a long-awaited day for Netflix subscribers. The reason ? It was on this date that the streaming platform released episode 8 of New Schoolaka the grand finale of the very first season of this French rap contest.

On this occasion, there were three of them who could claim the supreme title (and incidentally the check for 100 €000): Elyon, Leys and Fresh Lapeufra. This time, no freestyles or battles, the finalists had the mission to write a song with Fianso, accompanied by some renowned beatmakers.

The winner of New School is…

A particularly cool and inspiring test to follow, which offered us three titles as fresh as they were epic with very different styles. Logically enough to make Niska, SCH and Shay, the three judges, happy, but also give them some headaches when making a choice and thus avoid a ridiculous situation at Koh-Lanta 2022 .

So which rapper won the contest? It's simply Fresh Lapeufra, Shay's protege. Like what, behind a slammed nickname sometimes hides talent. Especially since this plebiscite of the jury is also found among the public. Just take a look on Twitter to discover that the artist has also made everyone agree!

Internet users are celebrating

And as we is nice and in a good mood, we've selected the best tweets for you about this well-deserved victory.

Note that after his performance, little Fresh Lapeufra got hit by Shay. “Just, I have a small problem all the same. The 'She is good her mother', you looked at me too much when you said that, I don't like“, she swung. A tackle that made everyone on the set laugh, starting with the rapper, and which must have brought back some memories to Niska who recently took a stray bullet of the same type…

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