New series by Élise Lagacé: one turn does not wait for another!

New series by Élise Lagacé: a turn does not wait for her ;other!


Author with a biting sense of humor, flamboyant novelist, Élise Lagacé wants to reinvent romantic comedy from every angle with her new series, Une chance que on love each other. The first volume, Dear Dolores, tells how this thirty-something, mother of three boys and wife of a movie superstar, has to take a sharp turn when her delicious spouse tells her that he wants to “reorient” their couple.

In everyone's eyes, Dolores seems to be leading a dream life with Franck and her three children. His daily life takes a turn for the worse after the bomb dropped by Franck. And as one turn does not wait for another, she inherits from her father a bankrupt garage and a yard in scrap, in her small native village.

Never mind: Dolores cashes in and leads her turbulent children on a return to basics that will not be easy. As she approaches her forties, she is equipped to reinvent her life, whatever Franck's escapades.

Élise Lagacé, a very good storyteller, wanted to reinvent the classic romantic comedy with her new novel. His writing, very singular and original, is really entertaining to read and very funny.

“I have always been a little bit on the sidelines. Not fitter, it is a universal experience. We all have times when we didn't fit, in one place or another. I realized that when I write books, I fit with the universe I create.”

“I love the world as I love my characters – deeply. In my novels, I express myself as I am, without having the will to fitter. It allows me to express this uniqueness, and in novels, I loosen up. It's like a playground without borders. I’m having a lot of fun!”

Accepting yourself as you are

In A chance that we love each other, it conveys an important social message: when we love each other, we give each other a break. “You should love yourself as you love others.”

“Dolores is tolerant with her brother, which is not possible. She is tolerant with Franck who is not always correct and she is tolerant with herself, in the sense that she is full of faults and she is super annoying, but she lets herself be as she is. She doesn't hold herself back in her tracks.”

Cars and garages

Élise Lagacé, like Dolores, likes cars and feels very at ease in the world of mechanics and garages. 

“I love tanks. It's incomprehensible. What do you want ! Tank girls, there are plenty of them. There are girls who worked in the garage with their father, to spend time with him. There are girls who know about tanks, engines and mechanics. The smell of gasoline makes them trip because it reminds them of their father.”