New show for Guy Nantel

New show for Guy Nantel

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Guy Nantel will be back on stage next spring with a sixth one-man-show, If I understood you correctly, you are saying … And he does not intend to soften his words. “It's the job of artists to provoke reactions and convey a measure of discomfort,” he pleads.

As the title suggests, this new lap will be greatly inspired by the recent leap into politics of Guy Nantel, who ran for the leadership of the Parti Québécois last year. & Nbsp;

“J ' explain to my fans how much they were wrong in not voting for me and how much I would have become the best leader in the history of Quebec. And the more I give my solutions, the less people will want to vote for me “, sums up the humorist. & Nbsp;

” Fragile society “

This concept will allow him to explore various major themes, from the environment to the economy, including, of course, COVID-19. The clash of ideas is likely to be powerful, of course. But that, Guy Nantel expects since, according to him, it is now easier than ever to provoke strong reactions. & Nbsp;

“The more things go, the more fragile our society is, filled with taboos. People are shocked at nothing. It makes it easier for a guy like me; we don't need to force very hard for people to get excited about their legs, ”he laughs. & nbsp;

These people“ shocked ”by Guy's words Nantel have, however, overstepped the limits in the past; One of them spent five months behind bars for his death threats against the comedian. Some artists might decide to take it easy after such an event. But not Guy Nantel. & Nbsp;

“You have to have the courage not to agree with aggressive or hateful people. The more people cringe against me, the more it pushes me to continue. If they are angry just because an idea expressed does not reflect their thinking, it is proof that they must persevere with books like The Offensive Book or the shows that I do ”, he says. & nbsp;

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On the web

The pandemic will have visibly inspired Guy Nantel, who took advantage of this professional slowdown to write The offensive book, launched last month, and his new show. & nbsp;

On the sidelines of these projects, he has also set up a series of capsules on the web, Should speak about it. Through five episodes, the comedian invites personalities to debate with him on hot topics. topical issues, such as systemic racism, rape culture and freedom of expression. & nbsp;

Segments that make people react. Strongly, even.

“I do not claim to have the truth on all matters. But what mattered first and foremost for me was to give myself permission to discuss these themes with people who are aware of my position on these subjects and who have the courage to come and present their point. of view. This is a debate: there is a game, a confrontation. It gets people talking and that's what matters, ”he explains. & Nbsp;

The tour If I understood you correctly , you are saying … will begin in the spring. She will stop in Montreal in October 2022, then in Quebec City the following month.

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