New songs: a containment paying for Laurence Nerbonne

Nouvelles chansons: un confinement payant pour Laurence Nerbonne

Laurence Nerbonne emerges from confinement with new songs. Unlike other artists, the pop singer has not suffered from the syndrome of the white page during his forced isolation.

“I took the opportunity to create new “beats” and concentrate on what comes next,” revealed Laurence Nerbonne during a telephone interview with The Journalearlier this week.

This momentum of creativity pandemic has a logical explanation, points out the one who has the habit of retreating to create.

“I’m a painter and I can spend several hours in front of my paintings. I therefore imposes already a containment, if one may say so.

“It is a little flat from not being able to see my friends,” she adds, but it has allowed me to explore things that I never had the time to do that.”


For fans of the singer, who has made her nest on the branch of urban music with the albums XO (Juno award best francophone album in 2017) and Fireis, therefore, to say that his compositions will come faster than expected.

The isolation may be seen-t-it in his music ? Not in a tangible way, believes Laurence Nerbonne.

“I’ve mostly adjusted stuff because I was already composing when it all happened. I was doing songs for live shows in a perspective of festivals. It is sure that the containment me may be open to some introspection, something close to me, and less at the service of the show. That said, I’m not talking about COVID in my songs.”

No release date for what will be his third album has not been arrested, but it is a question that we hear of the new Nerbonne over the next few months.

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