New SPLBT loan guaranteed by the City: the opposition requests a compliance check from the prefect

New SPLBT loan guaranteed by the City: the opposition requests a compliance check from the prefect

Laura Seguin et Véronique Calueba demandent l’attention de François-Xavier Lauch sur le point n°32 du dernier conseil municipal de Sète. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Laura Seguin and Véronique Calueba request the attention of François-Xavier Lauch on point n°32 of the last municipal council of Sète.

On April 25, during the last municipal council, deliberation no. 32 made waves, before being adopted without the support of opposition elected officials.  This validated the guarantee of 50 % by the City of a loan of 7 M€ over fifteen years of the Société Publique Locale du Bassin de Thau (SPLBT), contracted with the aim of "to ensure the cash flow necessary for investments linked to the Public Service Delegation of Parking".

This Wednesday, April 10, the elected representatives of the left-wing group Ensemble pour Sète Véronique Calueba and Laura Seguin decided to go beyond the refusal to approve the deliberation, by asking the prefect of Hérault to check its legality. "We ask that its conformity be examined", specifies the letter sent to François-Xavier Lauch, explaining that the municipal council "did not have all the information to assess the financial risks to which the municipality is exposed by acting as guarantor."

"This is one more loan for the SPLBT of which we know neither the financing plan, nor the allocation of funds, nor the repayment plan. Add to this doubts about her financial health", denounces Véronique Calueba. The long explanations from the deputy responsible for finance, François Escarguel, in the municipal council, were clearly not convincing. For its part, the City specifies that the deliberations voted on in the municipal council are all sent to the prefecture, the day after their approval, for legal validation. And that point number 32 of the last municipal council had therefore followed this path.

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