New tea for Sweet and Salty

Nouveau plateau pour Sucré Salé

The new season of Sweet and Salty was supposed to start on Monday night with a series of stories shot in Nashville. Pandemic is forcing, the show has changed its plans, installing his headquarters at the top of the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth for his 19th season on the air.

“Everything was ready to go turn in Nashville. Reservations, guest artists, the events… Everything. We had to turn five episodes there, ” says the producer, Jean-Marc Beaudoin.

Of course, the COVID-19 will be wanted otherwise.

It is as well as the team of Sweet and Salty is installed in the Space C2, a multimedia room fitted out in the 26th floor of the hotel Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth. The place, which can normally accommodate up to 220 people, is occupied by a maximum of six people at a time : the facilitator, Patrice Bélanger, a guest, two cameramen, a soundman and a coordinator.

On site, each person has its own bathroom.

Social distancing

The filming started recently, according to the measures of social distancing. Thus, a minimum distance of two metres is consistently maintained between the host and his guest : a process that does not alter the tone of the spoken word, argues Jean-Marc Beaudoin.

“The artists engage in the same way, even at two meters distance. They are happy to come to the show. They are like everyone else, they were anxious to get out, see people, ” he insists.

For those who are more reluctant to the idea of going on the set, two other options available to them. They can accommodate Patrice Bélanger outside of their home. An example of this ? Sweet and Salty will soon be releasing an interview with Alex Nevsky, performed on his orchard in Rougemont.

In other cases, it is through video-conference that some of your guests will be talking with Patrice Bélanger or its columnists.

“It is a process that one discovers more and more since the beginning of the pandemic. And I’m certain that it’s going to revolutionize the industry. It’s a whole new door that opens on the world “, said Jean-Marc Beaudoin.

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