New “the Joker” became the most highly anticipated kinokontrol in history even before release

Starring – Joaquin Phoenix

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Новый "Джокер" стал самым высокооцененным кинокомиксом в истории еще до выхода в прокат

A scene from the movie “Joker”

New picture of the Joker from the producer Martin Scorsese is placing the records before the official hire. At the Venice film festival broke an eight-minute standing ovation, and critics have tipped Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for the best role. Now Kinomax became the most highly anticipated in history, according to the portal IMDb.

Watch a video about the film festival in Odessa:

New “the Joker” managed to overtake even the “Avengers: Finale” – by 9.7 vs. 8.6 points. Since the film has not yet had time to go to the cinema, these figures may change, but critics guarantee project success.

However, that such review aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, in the picture lower scores – 89% and 75%. Thus, to circumvent the “Black Panther” (96%) “the Joker” has not yet succeeded.

Note that the “Joker” inspired by the crime films of Martin Scorsese and hard urban cinema of the 1970-ies. The image embodied by Joaquin Phoenix, violates all possible rules of comics.

Earlier, the company Warner Bros. has released a trailer for a movie about a superhero villain Joker.

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