New theater on Île d'Orléans: cancellations for “Sitcom” due to a case of COVID-19

New theater of l’le d’le d’Orléans: cancellations for “Sitcom” due to a case of COVID-19


Due to a case of COVID, scheduled performances from July 29 to August 6 of the play Sitcom< strong>, on view at the Nouveau Théâtre de l'Île d'Orléans, are cancelled.  

A team member tested positive on Friday morning. This is a second case. The performances of June 29 and 30 and July 1 and 2 were originally canceled at the very beginning of the season due to a case of COVID. 

An email will be sent to all spectators concerned and the ticket office will contact the other customers concerned in the coming days. Ticket holders will be refunded in full. 

It is possible to choose a new performance date on the online ticket office found on the site of the New theater of the Island of Orleans. Sitcom will resume on August 9 and run through September 4.