New this summer in the heart of Fontanilles, in Mende: “A space of freshness in a warm place”

New this summer in the heart of Fontanilles, in Mende: “A space of freshness in a warm place”

Thierry Jacques, Régine Bourgade et Romain Vidal ont présenté le dispositif. MIDI LIBRE – STEPHANIE BOULOIR

Une nouvelle salle fraîcheur est ouverte à la maison de quartier François-Mitterrand, à Mende, deux après-midi par semaine. Elle s’ajoute à celle de la résidence Piencourt.

From Friday, July 12, 2024, a fresh room will be opened in the Fontanilles district, in Mende. This initiative is supported, on a personal and associative basis, by Thierry Jacques.

Having lived in the district for twenty-five years, he is involved there, within the association Vivre à Fontanilles, of which he is treasurer; he is also a municipal councilor, executive delegate for life, districts and cleanliness. “The goal is to meet in a friendly place, to allow fragile and isolated people to get out of their apartments and come and spend some time in the cool here.”


The Fontanilles district has about 1,200 inhabitants, the majority of whom live in apartment buildings. The latter, if they were insulated during a renovation, are not air-conditioned. "During heatwave periods, people wait until 8 p.m. to go outside to find some coolness. But at that time, old people don't go out anymore." It was therefore of them that Thierry Jacques first thought when he had the idea of ​​the fresh room.

Romain Vidal, deputy general director of solidarity at the intercommunal social action center (CIAS) Cœur de Lozère, confirms the merits of this initiative. Even if for the moment, it's not a heatwave in Lozère, it's better to anticipate. "What is complicated for fragile people is the sudden change in temperature. When suddenly, there are two or three days of extreme heat. Organisms suffer. This exhausts the elderly." And Romain Vidal completes: "And when the temperature doesn't go down at night, we receive a lot of calls to the CIAS, from people who can't take it anymore."

The CIAS also monitors the inhabitants of the community of communes during periods of risk, thanks to a file of vulnerable people, created after the heatwave of 2003. 300 people appear there in&nbsp ;Heart of Lozère. During heatwaves, CIAS agents call them very regularly.

The Fontanilles fresh room is therefore added this year to the support system, in particular the one open in the afternoon at the Piencourt residence for the elderly.

Breaking isolation

The room is open in the François-Mitterrand neighborhood center, a building managed by the CIAS. All residents of the neighborhood, the city and the community of municipalities can come there free of charge. Reception will be provided by the neighborhood mediator, Roland Michel, accompanied successively by members of the Solidarity House and the associations Accueil des ville françaises (AVF) and Vivre à Fontanilles.

You will be able to cool off there, benefit from heatwave prevention advice, drink fresh water, but also, whatever the temperature, play cards, chat, share a snack… "It will be a space of freshness in a warm place", promises Thierry Jacques.

Fresh space, François-Mitterrand neighborhood house, in Fontanilles, Mende. Open from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., every Friday from July 12 to August 30 (except August 16); every Tuesday from July 16 to August 13. Contact: 04 66 31 63 05. CIAS: 04 66 94 20 03. I subscribe to read more

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