New video for the Michael Jackson song was a hit for the Network. Video

Новый клип на песню Майкла Джексона стал хитом Сети. Видео

Released video of Michael Jackson after 9 years after his death.The song was recorded by Jackson in 1982. But since it was a cover version of one of the songs of the Japanese group Yellow Magic Orchestra, there were problems with copyright.

After 29 years, fans were able to appreciate the song, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

At the same time, should have been released and the video for this song, but once again there is a problem with rights. All was resolved only after 9 years after the death of Michael Jackson. On the YouTube channel of the musician has a new music video for the song Behind the Mask.

Actually, this is an alternative video, directed by the duet Aggressive. It finished filming in 2010, but only now put into the public domain.

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