New weapon of destruction

New weapon of destruction


AUGUSTA | It must be admitted that changing tools at the dawn of a major championship like the Augusta National is either a genius idea or a touch of madness.

This time it's a genius idea since Monet Chun uses a new putter. 

Faced with the evidence highlighted by her instructor, she abandoned her trusty Taylor Made Spyder three weeks ago. While rummaging through her coach's bag at the Michigan Wolverines, she swiped her Odyssey Toulon Design. 

A tool that would become a weapon of destruction on the greens. 

< p>She used it for the first time in a tournament last weekend, in Arizona. And this week, that putter saved him some precious shots.

“I love it. Especially since the putts are really starting to hit the punches,” Chun said with a smile on his face. change within a month of his visit to Augusta? 

“We analyzed his data and identified a gap on the greens. She regressed on putts under five feet. We therefore checked his execution mechanics, his routine and his readings of the surfaces. We noticed that she instinctively corrected her alignment due to the shape of her putter, explained her instructor Matt Wilson. 

” With the new tool, we corrected the goal, line and face at impact,” he continued. A marked improvement was quickly observed. We should have made the change earlier. There is never a better time than another to do it, but this time it was obvious. » 

A stroke of genius, then. Especially in anticipation of Augusta, where you have to excel on the greens.