New wife Petrosyan is preparing to become a mother? Unknown facts about complete opposites Stepanenko

Новая жена Петросяна готовится стать мамой? Неизвестные факты о полной противоположности Степаненко

today, 19:07

The controversial 31-year-old wife of 74-year-old comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan, to which he escaped from Elena Stepanenko, Tatyana Brukhanova, quite actively engaged in your page in Instagram. Recently a celebrity was suspected of pregnancy, because in her Stories appeared spicy stills in a sweater-oversized, where you can see a round belly. However, before this interest in the girl was chained tightly enough, because she herself in an interview said that Eugene Roman started far in 2013, however beloved the beauty of family is not taken away, the couple lived apart. What is so captivated the young assistant of an elderly Petrosyan?

Tatiana Brukhanova loves theatre, is the Director of the Theater pop miniatures, as well as a critic on the show “Fashion verdict”. She often attends a variety of performances, laying the fragments on the page.

The wife of Petrosyan loves to cook and share delicious recipes. The celebrity observes proper food, which, according to her, developed together with experts.

Babe travels a lot. Tatiana often puts footage of different parts of the world, mogie of them look very aesthetically pleasing.

Many fans are also crazy about concise style Brownboy. Beloved Petrosyan do not flaunt the figure, prefers not flashy, gentle shades of clothes-oversized and vintage accessories.

Recall, a leading “full House” Dubovitskaya criticized the wedding Petrosyan with his young mistress.

As reported Know. ua, Petrosyan and Stepanenko looking for tax.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Petrosian after divorce with Stepanenko suffered setbacks.

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