New year is cancelled: ufologists called the new end of the world

Новый год отменяется: уфологи назвали новую дату Конца света

Their application causes some skepticism.

Conspiracy theorists have predicted a new end of the world: he supposedly will come on December 16, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Mnogochislennye predictions of ufologists about the death of the Earth during the catastrophe of the planet Nibiru did not come true infinitely many times. Experts in the paranormal phenomena has warned that planet X will wipe humanity from the face of the earth in August, but the inhabitants of the planet survived this “Apocalypse”.

Some ufologists claim that Nibiru has already crossed the border of the Solar system, and in two weeks she will encounter with Mars (or Jupiter), and the remnants from the explosion of the red planet kick the Earth into a new orbit.

In turn, scientists from NASA believe that there is no Nibiru does not exist, and all the panic about this is just stupid. Support colleagues and the teacher of the Perm state University Russian Kirill Cyberkid. According to the scientist, the legend of Nibiru emerged from the ancient Sumerians, but astrophysics is not found in the Galaxy is mysterious celestial body, to speak about its existence in the Solar system and is ridiculous.

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